What is Weather in Bermuda?

October 4, 2023

What is weather in bermuda?

Bermuda’s weather is influenced by the Gulf Stream. This gives it a sub-tropical climate and the island is almost always warm and comfortable.

The summer season in Bermuda runs from April until October (spring, summer and fall). During these months temperatures rise to the mid 70s and peak around mid to late August. Humidity is also very high especially in the month of July. This can be uncomfortable for some people who are sensitive to humidity. It is recommended that these individuals avoid the hottest and most humid periods of the year.

In winter (November through April), the Bermuda climate is a bit more like a spring or fall in most of the continental USA. There are mild temperatures and a lot of sunshine but it does get chilly at night. It is also a very windy time of the year.

During the hurricane season from June to November, Bermuda experiences occasional direct hits from severe storms. Although these severe hurricanes are infrequent, they cause significant disruption to the economy and travel infrastructure of Bermuda.

The average temperature in Bermuda throughout the year is 73 degrees Fahrenheit. Daylight hours vary significantly over the course of the year, with the shortest day in December and the longest in June. The chart below shows the number of daylight hours each day from the earliest sunrise to the latest sunset, ranging from 10 hours on November 4 to 14 hours on June 30.


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