What is the World's Smallest Mountain?

June 1, 2023

Mountains are fascinating physical features that are found all over the world. They can be categorised based on various factors like their mode of formation and height above sea level. While most attention and reverence is reserved for Earth’s tallest mountains, there are some mountains that challenge the conventional definition of a mountain. This article will be discussing the world’s shortest mountain.

When it comes to a definition of a mountain, most people would immediately think of an alpine peak, a snowy summit that’s surrounded by glaciers. However, there are other types of mountains as well. One such type is a block mountain. This type of mountain is created when two or more tectonic plates are pushed together. These mountains are usually shaped like a pyramid, with its base resting underground and only its tip protruding above the ground.

While the most famous example of a block mountain is Mount Everest, there are several other blocks mountains around the world as well. For example, the Sutter Buttes in California are a series of rock buttes that rise up to 610 meters above the surrounding valley floor. The shortest block mountain is Mount Tenpo in Japan. This mini-mountain is perched along the banks of Osaka’s Aji River and is only 3 meters high. In fact, it is more of a man-made mound than a natural elevation.

Another incredibly short mountain is Mount Jinan in China. This rocky peak stands at only 0.6 meters above the ground. While many people consider it to be a joke, it is considered as a mountain by the Chinese government and is even protected. It is not allowed to dig around it and constructing buildings near it is prohibited.


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