What is the Widest River in the World?

June 1, 2023

We often hear about the world’s deepest and longest rivers, but what about its widest? The answer to this question may surprise you. There is no single definition of what makes a river “widest.” Many factors can influence it, including the distance between its source and where it flows out to sea, as well as the amount of water it discharges per second.

One objective figure could be the size of a river’s floodplain, but there isn’t any consensus on whether this should be measured in square kilometers or in miles. In terms of a river’s width, it is also difficult to compare different rivers because their widths change depending on the season and the amount of rainfall.

For example, the Nile is widely regarded as the world’s widest river, but it has only a couple of sources and is relatively shallow. The Amazon, on the other hand, has a number of sources in the Andes and has a massive floodplain that covers over 40% of Brazil.

Aside from the mighty Amazon, there are other impressive rivers, such as the Congo River in Africa, which stretches in a curve across the continent and has a width of up to 25 miles. It is the largest river in Africa and the third-largest river in the world. Then there is the Mekong River in Asia, which stretches into Cambodia and Thailand. It is known as a great source of seafood and provides people with drinking water.


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