What is the Slowest Dinosaur?

February 15, 2024

Dinosaurs are famous for their massive size, but some were a lot slower than others. Some dinosaurs had legs that were not meant for running fast, and it can be difficult for animals with short legs to reach higher speeds than their long-legged counterparts.

The dinosaurs that were the slowest in terms of their speed include the Argentinosaurus and the Puertasaurus. These dinosaurs were part of a class of dinosaurs known as titanosaurs, and they were some of the largest creatures to ever walk on Earth. The Argentinosaurus could grow to be over 98 feet in length and weigh more than 55 tons. These dinosaurs had a broad body, a large head, and short and stubby legs that made them not well-suited for running fast.

Another example of a dinosaur that was not built for fast running is the Dromaeosaurus or Velociraptor. These dinosaurs were not meant to run fast over long distances, and they were better equipped for ambush predatory hunting of prey animals that were smaller than them.

Even though the Triceratops was a herbivore, it did not have the legs that would make it a good long-distance runner. These dinosaurs were about the size of a turkey and they would need to be able to cover more distance than that in order to hunt for their food. It is no surprise that the Triceratops was not one of the fastest dinosaurs in the world.


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