What Is the Most Venomous Tarantula Venom?

February 14, 2024

All tarantulas have venom, but it isn’t usually dangerous to humans. Most people who are bitten by a tarantula report only pain and short-lasting cramping. Even so, a bite from a tarantula can be life-threatening for some people. Doctors need to know a tarantula’s Latin name to be able to tell what kind of venom it has, said Fuchs. This way, they can help victims find the right antivenom for their particular situation.

Some tarantulas, like the Red Widow, can kill if their venom is injected in large doses. They also can cause spasms in people with heart problems. Other tarantulas have potent neurotoxic venom, which causes pain and muscle cramping. They may also cause vomiting and shock. Croner Funnel Weaver spiders, another type of tarantula, have very potent neurotoxic venom and are known to cause vomiting, weakness, and shock.

Most tarantulas don’t bite unless they are threatened or are trying to protect their eggs or themselves. They have a defense system called urticating hairs that are found on their abdomens. When a tarantula is threatened, it rubs its legs against its belly to release a cloud of hairs that can irritate skin and cause asthmalike symptoms.

There is one exception to this, though. Stromatopelma calceatum is a beautiful but very aggressive and defensive tarantula that can cause days of painful cramping and should only be kept by experts who know how to handle it. Bite victims can also experience confusion and hallucinations.


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