What is the Month of Aviv?

October 4, 2023

In this article we’ll explore what is the month of aviv, and why it is important for Jews. The Hebrew calendar is not a single month, but a system of 12 months that are named after Biblical events and places. The spring month is called Nisan, the summer month is Kaitz (kyTS), and the fall month is Sivan.

The Hebrew calendar is determined by the seasons, rather than the Gregorian calendar. Each season is a few days different than the next, and because of this some holidays are celebrated a month or so later or earlier than on the Gregorian calendar. The Jewish calendar also depends on barley searches, and the earliest search of the year occurs in the month called Aviv. These searches are performed by teams of observers, and their results are announced using a newsletter. One of the most reputable and thorough teams is led by Gordon, who has been performing these searches for over 30 years.

Aviv is the earliest Hebrew month that contains enough aviv barley for Passover to be celebrated on the correct date. The aviv status of the barley is determined by the condition of the ear, and the most aviv ear is the one that is green and sprouting. The aviv status of the wheat and rye is not as dependent on the ear, and therefore they are more easily harvested on the correct day. Aviv is the month that HaShem commanded the Hebrew slaves in Exodus to keep, and to celebrate Passover to honor Him, because it was during this month that He brought them out of Egypt.


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