What is the Coldest Temperature Recorded in Louisiana?

February 13, 2023

what is the coldest temperature recorded in louisiana

What is the coldest temperature recorded in louisiana?

Louisiana has a fairly mild climate, which means that we are rarely subjected to temperatures of freezing or colder. We do get a few blasts of really cold weather here and there, but these are not unusual.

The coldest temperature ever measured in Shreveport was -5 degrees F on February 12, 1899. This was a few degrees colder than the current record low for February, which is 2 degrees F.

It has also been chilly enough that we have had some snowfall in the past. In 1989, New Orleans even recorded half an inch of snow on December 22 and 23.

Baton Rouge has had the coldest temperature of all time, at 2 degrees F, on February 13, 1899. The city also has had a few other single-digit days, including 8 degrees F on December 23, 1989 and 9 degrees F on January 21, 1985.

Our mammal friends like the Louisiana weather too, and they are very fond of the local waterways. There are foxes, otters, opossums, bobcats, coyotes, muskrats, deer, beavers and armadillos that call the area home.

In addition, there are many different species of birds that call Louisiana home. The state is also home to numerous reptiles, ranging from turtles and snakes to lizards and geckos.

The climate of Louisiana is characterized by warm, humid summers with occasional drier periods in the fall and spring. During these dry periods the temperature averages between 64 degrees F and 69 degrees F, with the lowest average low temperatures in the northwest and north-central regions of the state.


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