What Is the Climate of Venezuela?

June 1, 2023

Perched 8 degrees above the equator, Venezuela benefits from a warm climate year round. Temperatures don’t vary greatly from season to season, but humidity does. The Caribbean coast and the lowland areas enjoy a tropical climate, while the mountainous Andean regions experience a more temperate one.

The country is dominated by easterlies, blowing in parallel to the coastline, and generating a divergence which accelerates as it moves up through the interior. This allows for the formation of clouds and rainfall, although these are generally not very heavy. The dry season around Caracas runs from December to April, although rains can occur at any time and may be heavy, especially in the south. The southeastern region experiences a longer dry season running from November until May, although weather here can change drastically within the space of a day.

Venezuela is divided into four horizontal temperature zones based on elevation. In the tropical zone below 800 meters temperatures are hot, while in the temperate zone between 800 and 2,000 meters it’s still warm but slightly cooler. Pastureland and permanent snowfields with yearly averages below 8AdegC cover land above 3,000 meters in the high mountain areas known as the páramos.

Because of its location, the topographical variation across the country results in a variety of climates varying from rainforest to desert and even alpine at higher altitudes. It also lies outside the hurricane belt, meaning that it is rarely affected by these tropical storms. Learn more about a great math tutor here.


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