What is the Climate Like in Cuba?

February 13, 2023

what is the climate like in cuba

What is the climate like in Cuba?

Cuba is located along the Gulf Stream, where trade winds combine with warm waters from the Caribbean Sea to give a mild and semitropical climate. Winters in Cuba are often very mild and dry, with average temperatures ranging between 70 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit (21 to 27 degrees Celsius).

Summers on the other hand can be extremely hot and humid. The highest temperatures are reached in the eastern part of the island, where the Sierra Maestra mountains are found.

Rainfall is fairly regular, varying from an average of 85 days per year to an impressive 132 in July and August. Seventy-five percent of the country’s rainfall falls during the wet season from May to October.

The rainy season is also when hurricanes can strike, so it’s a good idea to avoid traveling during this time. However, the risk of a hurricane is low during other months, and the weather usually clears after storms have passed.

November is a transitional month between the rainy and dry seasons, and it’s a great time to visit the island if you want some warm and sunny weather. The temperature in Havana is generally pleasant and it’s one of the best times to go if you’re planning on going to the beaches or doing outdoor activities.

December is another good month for a trip to Cuba, and the climate is still pleasant enough to enjoy all the tourism activities. This is also the best time to travel if you’re looking for a low-cost holiday.


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