What is the Average Annual Rainfall in Yukon Oklahoma?

February 13, 2023

what is the average annual rainfall in yukon oklahoma

What is the average annual rainfall in yukon oklahoma?

Yukon has an average rainfall of 35 inches per year, which is about average for the state of Oklahoma. This number is calculated by counting the rain, snow or sleet that falls to the ground.

The driest month of the year is January with an average of 1.1 inches of precipitation, and the most rainfall happens in May and June. The wettest months are July and August with an average of 5.2 inches.

Climate is the weather conditions and patterns over a long period of time, including temperature, humidity, precipitation, cloudiness, brightness, wind and atmospheric pressure.

Temperatures vary throughout the year and tend to range from very hot in summer to very cold in winter. Heat index values of 100 degrees or more are common in the southeast, occurring more than 40 times a year, and are rarer in the western panhandle and northeast corner of the state.

Prevailing winds are typically from south to southwest across much of the state in the spring through autumn. In the winter, prevailing winds are generally northerly in the western panhandle and northwesterly in the eastern part of the state.

Cloudiness varies from region to region, with lower cloud cover in the west and higher in the east. The fraction of days with possible sunshine varies from about 45 percent in eastern Oklahoma to just over 65 percent in the panhandle.

Drought conditions were mostly improved in December, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor, but some areas still had extreme or exceptional drought.


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