What Is A Wedge Tornado?

February 6, 2023

what is a wedge tornado

What Is A Wedge Tornado?

The term “wedge tornado” is an informal storm spotter’s slang for a tornado that looks wider than it is tall. Weather experts look at factors such as cloud base height and moisture availability to determine whether a tornado takes on this appearance.

They are often violent and can produce EF-3 damage.

Generally, wedge tornadoes are at least half a mile wide or more. These are the most destructive and can cause severe damage.

A wedge tornado is often classified as a major tornado, meaning it’s given an EF-3 rating or higher on the enhanced Fujita scale.

Its damage can vary widely depending on where it hits. The biggest wedge tornado in history was the El Reno tornado that hit Oklahoma on May 31, 2013.

There have been a few other notable wedge tornadoes in the past. The most recent example was a massive tornado that hit Madison County, Iowa on Saturday. It killed six people and caused a lot of damage in the area.

What Makes A Wedge Tornado Unique?

A wedge tornado is one of the most distinctive types of tornadoes that occur in the world. They are different from other tornado variants, including cone and stovepipe tornadoes. They have a distinct appearance that makes them easy to identify.


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