What is a Hurricane Fence?

February 13, 2023

what is a hurricane fence

What is a hurricane fence?

A hurricane fence is a type of fencing that is used in areas where storms are common and strong. These types of fences are also known as wire netting, chain link fence, cyclone fencing or storm fencing.

They are made from galvanized steel woven together in diamond patterns to create a mesh of wires that can withstand severe weather. They are often used in industrial, military or prison applications because they can withstand high temperatures and corrosive conditions.

Compared to wood fences, hurricane fences are stronger and can last much longer under normal circumstances. However, they can still snap or come loose during a windstorm.

In addition, the fence posts may rot in a hurricane, especially if they are wooden. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a hurricane fence with posts that are resistant to rot.

These are the round posts you see on chain link fences and some traditional wooden privacy fences. They are rot-resistant and will last about 25 years even in the worst soils.

Installing a hurricane fence is relatively easy. Dig the terminal holes, which are about 8 inch diameter and 30 inch deep with sloping sides. Center the terminal posts in the holes and set them at the correct height. Cover the posts with concrete.

A-1 Hurricane Fence Industries will guarantee the proper material specifications and installation of your fence according to standard practices. We will warranty the fence for a specific amount of time after erection, depending on location and weather conditions. This time is not indicative of how long the fence will actually last in normal use and maintenance.


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