What is a Baby Frog Called?

June 1, 2023

Frogs are amphibians, which means they live in wet areas such as rivers, streams, ponds and wetlands. They lay large eggs which look like a jelly-like substance called frogspawn. This clump of eggs sits partially submerged in the water, and inside each egg is a tiny tadpole embryo. The tadpoles slowly eat their way through the protective jelly, and eventually transform into froglet. Once a froglet has fully developed lungs it can leave the breeding pool, and its diet starts to become more varied.

Tadpoles are herbivorous, which means they eat plants. They also have a long tail which they use to help them swim around in the water. Over time the tadpole loses its tail, and if you see a tadpole with just a stub of a tail, then it is almost ready to turn into an adult frog!

As tadpoles transform into froglets, they will need to find a way out of the water. They will need to build an exit ramp, which can be made from anything from rocks to bits of wood, and once the froglets have built it they can start to swim away!

When a froglet has matured into an adult frog it will start to eat insects, snails, spiders and even slugs and worms. They will also be able to drink water from a patch of skin on the underside of their bodies which is known as a drinking patch.

Some frogs, such as the Brazilian Gold poison frog, have a unique reproductive system in which they fertilize their eggs inside their own bodies, and then squeeze out froglets from their backs!


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