What If JFK Was Never Assassinated?

February 14, 2024

60 years ago JFK was shot in Dallas. Since that day many authors have tried to find out what would happen if JFK was never assassinated. Some are fanciful fantasies in which the Vietnam war doesn’t escalate or Kennedy harmonizes race relations but most are more serious.

In most of these alternate histories, JFK reaches a second term but he loses the 1968 election to Richard Nixon. His assassination also deprives him of his dream to put a man on the moon by the end of his decade in office.

Another common scenario is that the assassination doesn’t happen and he soars to re-election in 1964. In this case he beats a Goldwateresque candidate who has a much harder time convincing the US public that his Cold War approach is the best way to prevent our allies from falling to communism and that he would be able to end the war in Vietnam.

Another interesting scenario revolves around the Secret Service. This is a topic that has been explored in a few different movies, including the new thriller “The Sentinel.” In this version of events, Kennedy would have been besieged by Congressional investigations into his personal life involving affairs and other issues that could have had political consequences. He might have even been impeached. It’s worth remembering that JFK was a pretty pro 2A guy who believed in the right of an individual to have firearms for self-defense and community defense.


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