What Happens to Florida in 2025?

June 1, 2023

A video that surfaced on TikTok showed Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant making a scary prediction about what will happen to Florida in 2025. The video is fake, but it’s still a good reminder of what Florida could be in the future if current climate change trends continue.

Coastal flooding is already a problem in some parts of the state. It’s typically caused by high tides and storms, but rising sea levels mean that this kind of flooding will occur more frequently. The impact will be particularly severe during the so-called King Tides, which are the year’s largest tides that send water rushing down streets and turn parks into lakes.

This will cause problems in cities and towns around the coast, including St. Augustine, where the moat at the Castillo de San Marcos will stay full of water; Naples, where it floods the city’s municipal airport and the Naples Botanical Garden; and Miami Beach, as the sea and higher waters in the Everglades bring the west side of the city under water. It will also force local governments to make hard decisions: Should they relocate the iconic Castillo de San Marcos or build elaborate protections for Ocean Drive’s Art Deco buildings? Should they spend billions to prevent the destruction of homes on the barrier islands and in the priciest canalside real estate in urban Miami?

While many people will be forced to move away from Florida, the overall population is unlikely to significantly drop. The reason is that even though dramatic sea level rise won’t happen until after 2050, other factors like political or economic unrest in other countries or hurricanes will push people out of Florida anyway.


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