What Happens If You Get Sucked Into a Tornado?

February 6, 2023

what happens if you get sucked into a tornado

What happens if you get sucked into a tornado?

Tornadoes are ferocious storms that can move a mile wide or more, and they can rip cars to pieces, lift houses off the ground and turn debris into deadly missiles. They are the most dangerous of all thunderstorms because they can wreak havoc in a matter of seconds.

What you can do to avoid getting sucked into a tornado

To minimize the risk of getting sucked into a tornado, it is best to stay inside when one is on the way. Try to shelter in a basement or a room on the lowest floor of your home. If you cannot do this, go to a safe spot on the ground like a ditch or culvert and lie down.

If you are in a car, try to steer clear of the path of the tornado and drive away as quickly as possible. This will help to prevent a collision with debris and other cars, which can cause extreme blunt force trauma and kill you.

What you can do to survive a tornado that picks you up

While this is rare, it isn't impossible. In fact, it's been documented that tornadoes can pick people up and carry them to a distance of a few hundred yards or more without harming them.

What you can do to survive the tornado that lifts you up

A tornado is much more likely to pick you up if it's in an area where you are at a higher elevation, which is often the case in parts of the country with mountainous terrain. However, if you are in an area with more flat land than high mountains, there's no reason to believe you could be in danger of being picked up by a tornado.


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