What Happened to Kelli Peters and Kelli Peters' PTA?

October 4, 2023

Kelli Peters, the Irvine PTA mom framed for drug possession by her ex-husband and his lawyer wife, had been forced to spend the past year hiding under her desk at Plaza Vista elementary school. Every morning she searched her car carefully, afraid of being found with drugs. She avoided eye contact with the other parents. Her friends and neighbors stopped bringing her cakes. At her daughter's soccer games she sat in the back, away from the door. She stopped volunteering for the school's after-school program. Her reputation was ruined.

Then, in the predawn hours of Feb. 16, 2011, Kent Easter called police using an assumed name, claiming to have seen Peters driving erratically. Police searched her car and found marijuana, pills and a pot pipe. They detained her in the school parking lot while her own daughter watched and questioned her for two hours.

Jill and Kent Easter, both attorneys, had waged a campaign against Peters to have her removed as PTA president and destroy her reputation. They had harassed her, filed a phony civil suit and tried to get her fired from her volunteer job at the school. Their plan to plant drugs in her car was the last straw.

The case eventually made its way to trial. During the trial, the sordid details of the couple's plot were laid out in vivid detail. Jill, the more calculating of the pair, had even ensured that her husband's DNA would be on the drugs planted in Peters' car.


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