What Happened in Wildwood Last Night?

October 4, 2023

A family was in mourning Monday as they remembered 34-year-old Tim Ogden, who was killed Saturday night during an unsanctioned car rally in Wildwood. The incident took place when a driver lost control and slammed into the group of pedestrians. Police say the driver, identified as Gerald White, was arrested and charged with two counts of second-degree death by auto and nearly a dozen other related charges.

Officials were aware of the unauthorized event and made public statements about it, including that they would have extra law enforcement officers on duty. They also shut down the George Redding Bridge to traffic for a period. Multiple videos posted to social media depict drivers spinning in circles, racing and drifting. There were also reports of burned-out vehicle windows and smashed storefronts.

Some residents complained that police didn't do enough to stop the chaos, but Mayor Pete Byron said they were out-manned and did their best with what they had. He also praised the work of first responders who handled hundreds of calls.

The aftermath was visible Sunday morning. Tire tracks were visible at intersections, and a huge police presence was on the streets of Wildwood. The owner of the motel where the accident happened, Anthony Bucolo, says the police came to his establishment asking questions and to look at video from the scene. Bucolo says he suspects the officers were looking for the person who was driving the car that crashed into his property and killed at least one person.


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