What Does the Term Snow Blowing Mean?

February 13, 2023

what does the term snow blowing mean

What Does the Term Snow Blowing Mean?

The term "snow blowing" can refer to a variety of snow removal activities. Snow blowers, snow throwers, and other types of snow removal equipment are used to remove snow from driveways, sidewalks, roadways, railroad tracks, ice rinks, and runways.

Clear the Area Before a Snowstorm

Before you start snow blowing, make sure that there are no items on your property that could get caught in your machine. This includes dog chains, garden hoses, fallen branches, kids' toys, and even bagged newspapers.

Don't Leave the Equipment Running and Unattended

When it comes time to blow snow, you want to make sure that your machine is completely drained of power. This helps to minimize the amount of wear and tear on your machine and saves you time while you're doing the task.

Doing this before a storm also helps you to avoid clogs, which can really slow you down. Be sure to turn off your snow blower before you walk away from it, especially if you have a lot of heavy snow on the ground.

Using the Right Snow Blower

When shopping for a snow blower, make sure that it has an auger or impeller. This will allow you to push the snow to where you want it rather than having the snow push itself to you.

A good rule of thumb is to blow snow when the flakes are falling or when it's still below 6 inches in depth. This will help you to move the snow farther and make a larger snow bank without having to shovel so much harder.


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