What Does the Inside of a Tornado Look Like?

February 6, 2023

what does the inside of a tornado look like

What Does The Inside of a Tornado Look Like?

A tornado is a very violent atmospheric storm that develops when warm and humid air merges with cold air. This can create strong winds that swirl around the cloud, forming an updraft that quickly builds into a tornado.

The Inside of a Tornado

A fully developed tornado consists of a central core region, a cylindrical area of lower pressure surrounded by a weakly swirling outer flow that is confined within the ring of high-speed winds. During the time that this central core is developing, there are no visible condensation funnels, but a whirling dust or debris fountain is possible, which suggests that the inflow boundary layer has converged from all directions into the tornado’s core.

The Inside of a Tornado

If you are in a house or apartment building and a tornado is forecast, move to the basement, a storm cellar or an interior hallway away from windows. If you can’t go to the basement, a small room (such as a closet or bathroom) in the center of the house on the lowest floor is safest.

You’ll find it difficult to survive inside a tornado because of the debris and strength of the wind. Debris can hit you and kill you, so make sure that the most important parts of your body are covered, such as your head and neck.

Being sucked into a tornado is rare, but it can happen. If you are caught in a tornado and it lifts you up, your fall will likely be fatal.


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