What Does Soap Taste Like?

February 15, 2024

Soap is a cleaning agent and mild antiseptic made up of some sort of fat or oil plus lye and natural additives of color and fragrance. It is a chemical compound that can irritate the skin when ingested or inhaled, but is generally not harmful when applied topically to the skin or washed down the drain. Soap can taste very different, depending on the types of fats used and any additives. Some soaps can even taste quite pleasant (neem soap, anyone?) while others are downright nasty (I'm looking at you, neet-scented bar soap).

A strange tasting mouth is not necessarily something to worry about and can be caused by many things from lingering soap residue on silverware to specific health conditions. The most important thing is to see a physician before changing your diet or taking new medications or supplements that could be the cause. Conditions like acid reflux, burning mouth syndrome & neurological disorders can all trigger unusual tastes in the mouth as well.

If the soapy taste lasts for a few days or is accompanied by other symptoms such as dilated pupils, spasms or vomiting, then it's likely the result of sodium fluoride poisoning which requires immediate medical attention, according to Healthline. This condition is very rare and usually only occurs when people are exposed to large amounts of fluoride at work or during industrial cleaning. But even with careful exposure, it's always best to contact your doctor right away anyway.


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