What Does it Take to Be a Fire Watcher?

November 23, 2023

Fire is one of the most destructive forces on a property and often results in costly damages. Property owners can protect their buildings and the people inside them by deploying fire watch safety guards. These individuals are familiar with the building and its features due to their routine patrolling services, and they can respond quickly in case a fire breaks out.

Fire watches may be on-call or regular employees with a set schedule. They are responsible for monitoring the area, calling the fire department in case of a fire, and performing other duties. They are trained in spotting fire hazards and fire prevention. In addition, they may also be certified in first aid and emergency response.

The average salary for a fire watcher is $68,446 per year. The highest paying city is Manhattan, with Brooklyn close behind. The salaries of these top 10 cities are above the average in New York, indicating that there is potential for wage advancement.

Some fire watchers are trained in the field, while others complete a fire service academy or on-the-job training. They can also earn certifications that prove their qualifications to a prospective employer and advance their career.

The main responsibilities of a fire watcher are to monitor the work site and contact the fire department in case of a fire. They may be on-call or a full-time employee, and they will need to have good communication skills to relay important information to the fire department. Fire watchers are also tasked with maintaining lookout equipment and preparing daily logs. They also provide forest and fire prevention information to hikers who visit their fire towers.


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