What Does False Pride Mean?

February 15, 2024

A spokesman said that the PTI government is making wrong decisions on the basis of false pride and arrogance. These decisions will jeopardize the economic betterment of the country. The sacrifices of our security forces in the war on terror besides the ambitious CPEC project will be wasted. The country will be faced with a great economic challenge in future.

The article explains that the healthy pride does not necessarily mean arrogance or an excessive sense of superiority. Rather, healthy pride relates to a person’s acting pro-socially – encouraging and galvanizing others. The unhealthy pride, on the other hand, often relates to a person’s actions that are generally deemed antagonistic and anti-social. This kind of pride usually requires outside confirmation and approval. It is a cover up for an inner feeling of inadequacy.

Pride often relates to the ego’s desire for attention. People who are filled with this kind of pride say and do things that will draw other’s attention to them. They also resent it when their accomplishments or acts of service are not acknowledged and recognized. They may lie or embellish a story to make themselves look better in the eyes of others.

The literature of Alcoholics Anonymous, particularly the Big Book and 12 & 12, frequently mention pride as one of the most dangerous of all character flaws. It is important to understand what does false pride mean and how it can lead to destruction. True humility involves being honest with yourself – both your strengths and your weaknesses.


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