What Does a Mercedes Salesman Make?

October 12, 2023

What does a Mercedes salesman make?

Mercedes car salespeople typically earn a combination of a base salary and commission. The base salary provides a steady source of income and covers basic living expenses, while the commission is based on the number and value of cars sold. In addition, salespeople may be eligible for bonuses or incentives if they achieve certain performance metrics. The exact pay structure varies among dealerships.

On a recent Saturday afternoon, Nick Karoly paced the lot at Hoehn Motors Mercedes Porsche in Carlsbad. The top salesman at the luxury dealership, Karoly is a picture of Southern California health and tan, a professional with 22 years of experience who is one of the highest-paid in the industry.

Salespeople at Mercedes dealerships are paid through a mixture of base salary and commission, with the amount they receive varying depending on the dealer’s profit margin and their sales performance. They are also offered bonuses and incentives if they meet or exceed their sales targets, which can vary significantly from one dealership to another.

A Mercedes sales associate can expect a minimum monthly salary of around $30000 to $40000 across the USA. The company offers higher salaries for experienced employees to improve their working efficiency. Moreover, the automobile company facilitates additional insurance benefits and other perks for its sales associates. Hence, their maximum earnings range from $134000 to $137000 every year.


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