What Does a Fox Sound Like?

February 14, 2024

You might be surprised to learn that foxes are highly vocal animals. Their most distinctive sound is probably the scream they give out during mating season, which can be quite blood-curdling and might wake you up in the middle of the night. The high-pitched howl is meant to travel long distances and call suitors to a meeting.

Besides the scream, foxes make a variety of other sounds and barks. They also whimper, growl, laugh, and whine. They are often compared to dogs for their range of vocalizations, but foxes are not really dogs. Dogs are related to foxes, but foxes are more closely related to cats. The way they stalk prey, use sharp teeth to kill it, and communicate with their owners are more similar to cats than dogs.

The scream is the most distinguishing sound, but foxes also give out a variety of other sounds. They may bark, growl, yelp, and whimper to communicate with each other. They also make a contact call that sounds like a human scream to attract mates or warn other foxes of predators. They may also whistle to communicate with young cubs. Domesticated foxes will sometimes “laugh” when they are happy, but this is not considered a natural fox sound in the wild.

They can also give out a soft purr that is similar to that of a cat. Generally, this is given to cubs by their mothers to comfort them. They can also whimper to signal that they need help or food. There is even a sound that sounds like yodeling, which is usually heard from females when they are preparing to breed.


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