What Do Koalas Sound Like?

February 15, 2024

Koalas are adorable and cuddly, but they can also sound quite frightening. The furry marsupials produce deep grunts that can be heard from a distance. These rumbling brays are 20 times lower than a typical call for an animal of their size and can be compared to the sound of a car horn or a loud burp. With koala videos surfacing on social media, many people are experiencing this sound for the first time and are surprised by it.

The loud grunting vocalization is a response from the female koalas when they spot their predators such as dingoes, wild dogs, wedge-tailed eagles, large owls and pythons within their territory. This will help them to alert other koalas around and scare off their attacker. These grunts are very different from the male koalas’ vocalization which is usually softer.

Besides the rumbling brays, the koalas can also make squeaks and shrieks. These sounds are used to communicate with the other koalas or their young ones. They can also bark to defend their territory. Moreover; they are known to produce a deep gurgling call that is used during the breeding season.

The koalas are one of the most beloved animals in Australia but they are facing some serious threats. Due to the recent devastating bushfires, the number of koalas has decreased significantly. Fortunately, the government has made some major efforts to save these creatures and will keep working on it.


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