What Do Human Ashes Taste Like?

February 14, 2024

Cremation is a common alternative to burial. It involves reducing the remains to ashes and bone fragments, which are then returned to family members. Human ashes are usually mid-to-light grey in colour and have a sandy texture. If the deceased was larger, their bones may reach higher temperatures in the cremation chamber and produce darker ashes.

Ashes do not have a distinctive taste. They have a dry, powdery consistency that does not taste anything like burnt wood or charcoal. However, if someone has a medical condition that affects their taste buds or if they accidentally inhale or consume ashes, they could experience a metallic or bitter flavour. Ingesting ashes can also cause lung or throat irritation, and in severe cases, lead to poisoning.

What Do Human Ashes Taste Like

The ashes themselves do not have any nutritional value, and they are not intended for consumption. It is illegal to do so in many countries, and it poses health risks such as lung or throat irritation, gastrointestinal complications, and infection.

While there are many ways to honour a loved one with their ashes, tasting ashes is not the most respectful way to celebrate their memory. Instead, you can use them to grow flowers or plants that they loved, scatter them on waterways or beaches, or even send them into the skies using a hot air balloon. The ashes can even be shipped abroad, although this will require specific paperwork and permissions.


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