What Do Clouds Feel Like?

June 1, 2023

A cloud feels like mist. It is a mass of water vapor in its gaseous state that moves with the weather and can even cover the entire sky. It can also have ice crystals mixed into it and be a beautiful sight to see. Children love to put their hands through clouds because they think it will feel cool. It actually doesn’t feel cool, but it will make their hands wet. That’s because a cloud is made of millions of tiny droplets.

When light shines through these droplets it scatters in different colors. This is what makes a cloud look white. When the sun is low in the sky, you can see the sun bouncing off of these droplets and looking like it’s shining through them. These are called cumulus clouds.

On the other hand, clouds higher in the sky are cooler and can precipitate as rain, snowflakes, or hailstones. They can be threatening for those flying into them on airplanes as they can interfere with the aircraft’s ability to fly. The clouds are also a source of thunder as the air is pushed up very quickly and then expands back down.

Clouds can also form into a blanket of fog that looks like sheets spreading across the sky. This is called stratus fog. This type of fog is formed when condensation happens at the same level as the air stops rising. It can be difficult to walk through as it can hide paths and landmarks. It can also be accompanied by rain and thunder.


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