What Did Nero Win in the Olympics?

February 15, 2024

Nero is known for his tyrannical rule and extravagant lifestyle, but did you know that he also competed in the Olympics? While he wasn’t particularly good at any sport, Nero did claim victory in chariot racing. This was a popular event that saw competitors riding chariots pulled by horses and trying to make it around the track in the shortest time possible.

Nero’s participation in the Olympic Games was highly controversial and demonstrated his complete disregard for tradition. The ancient Greek Olympics were considered sacred ceremonies that had spiritual and religious significance, and emperors were traditionally banned from competing in them. Nero, however, co-opted the Games for his own purposes. He bribed organizers to postpone the Games in 65 AD so that he could take part in 67 AD, and demanded that events be added for his own artistic and athletic vanity.

In addition to chariot racing, Nero participated in boxing and the discus throw. Although he didn’t win any of these events, he did demonstrate his skills and athleticism during these competitions. Unfortunately, he was still very much the king and treated these contests as an opportunity to show off his superiority to others.

In fact, he was so obsessed with winning that he even bribed the judges to ensure that he would receive a favorable verdict. As a result, he was awarded the gold medal for the chariot race despite falling off his chariot during the course of the race. This was a clear act of vanity and was a major embarrassment to the other competitors who were forced to forfeit their prizes.


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