What Countries is Pork Banned in?

February 15, 2024

If Muslims don't eat pork, what are pigs used for in Muslim countries?

The pig is nature's "garbage man" in that it eats all the organic waste products, or whatever doesn't decompose quickly enough. Hence its importance in the agricultural world. But despite its usefulness, pork is not considered Halal in Islamic law.

In the Philippines, it's banned to import any food item containing pork or its derivatives. The ban was imposed after the outbreak of ASF in pig farms in the country's hog industry. The ASF virus has infected more than a million pigs and caused massive losses to the country's pork industry.

ASF has been detected in the Philippines' neighboring countries, such as Vietnam and China. The government warned the public to be aware of the risk of getting infected by consuming contaminated foods. The Philippines is urging the public to eat only safe and hygienic pork products.

New Zealand has a high-health domestic pig herd that is free from most pig diseases. But it wants a ban on pork imported from nations that have ASF until it gets assurances that robust biosecurity protocols are in place there.

The pork industry pushed for the use of ractopamine, a drug that makes pigs grow faster. It has been banned in many nations around the world, including top importers Russia and China, but some NPPC members still support it. It's time for the industry to step up and do the right thing, or face the wrath of consumers and farmers alike.


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