What Color Is the Devil?

February 14, 2024

The Devil is a character often seen as the personification of evil. He is a dark creature with horns and wings that rules hell. His name is often associated with satanic rituals and magic and the devil is also commonly portrayed in art and movies. The color red is the most common shade used when portraying the devil as it symbolizes power and authority. It is believed that the devil is also a powerful shapeshifter who can assume the form of any living creature he desires including a goat, ram or pig. In fact, he can even take on the appearance of an ugly monster with a pitchfork.

Throughout history, the Devil has been depicted in many different colors and shapes. The Bible doesn’t give much guidance on what he should look like and artists borrowed ideas from the religions that opposed Christianity to create their vision of evil. Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy influenced how artists saw the Devil with the first book of The Inferno depicting him in hell torturing the betrayers of humanity in grotesque forms.

In medieval times, the Devil was illustrated in black. This may have been due to the fact that the color was easy to paint on parchment. The colour also symbolized death and the devilish nature of hell. It was used on the faces of skeletal figures as well as dragons and cockatrices that were often drawn in illuminated manuscripts. The colour green was also used to represent poison. It was also used on the bodies of dead people and for drapery around church alters.


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