What Channel is the Weather Channel on Fios?

August 11, 2023

After a year-long public brawl with DirecTV, which dropped The Weather Channel in favor of Denver-based competitor WeatherNation, the network has finally made its way back onto Verizon Fios' television lineup. Starting Monday, customers with Fios will be able to see the channel on Channel 611. In addition, The Weather Channel will also appear in the Verizon Fios app starting this fall.

The channel, owned by Byron Allen's Entertainment Studios, has been trying to make the case that viewers are turning away from cable television and toward apps for instant weather information. Its latest statement on its website says it's disappointed that Verizon canceled its deal while the company was still negotiating a renewal agreement. It's also urging subscribers to contact Verizon to voice their displeasure.

Whether Verizon subscribers will be able to bend the company's will with their feedback is unclear, but it's worth noting that The Weather Channel is still widely available on other cable TV and streaming services. AT&T TV, fubo TV, and Friendly TV all carry the channel.

What Channel is the Weather Channel on Fios

The Weather Channel can be watched on Fios TV's smallest package, Your Fios TV, which includes 125+ channels. It's also available on the more expensive More Fios TV and the biggest package, The Most Fios TV, which comes with 425+ channels. Customers can stream the channel online on Verizon's website and app, as well as on other devices. This article was updated on October 22, 2018. For more info, read our Terms of Use.


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