What Channel is Shark Week on Directv?

February 14, 2024

What started out as an idea on the back of a napkin has grown into one of the most beloved annual TV events: Shark Week. Each year, the Discovery Channel puts together an entertaining lineup of programming that highlights marine biologists, scientists, and A-list TV personalities (what’s up, Guy Fieri!) to dispel shark myths, promote conservation, share fast facts, and give viewers a close-up look at shark teeth. And while a few dubious shows—including 2003’s Anatomy of a Shark Bite, in which shark biologist Erich Ritter was reenacted as a victim of a false shark attack—did damage the reputation of sharks, the majority of Shark Week specials are high quality, informative, and thrilling.

This year’s Shark Week premiered on Sunday, July 23 and runs through July 31. The Discovery Channel has nearly 20 new specials featuring the apex predators, and this year the show’s MC is none other than Jason Momoa, the fan favorite actor, superhero, and conservationist known as Aquaman.

Some of the new Shark Week specials include “Belly of the Beast: Feeding Frenzy,” which provides a first-time, close-up look at a great white shark feast captured by researchers with cameras inside of a whale carcass decoy, and “Cocaine Sharks” which explores whether sharks actually feed on cocaine and other illegal drugs dumped into South Florida waters. Other shows will follow surfer Mark Rober as he attempts to survive the ocean without food or water for seven days, and will also feature the investigation into the suspicious death of a swimmer off the coast of California.


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