What Causes Lawn Blisters?

February 13, 2023

what causes lawn blisters

What Causes Lawn Blisters?

Lawn blisters are raised patches of grass that appear on lawns where water gets trapped underneath. They look like a water bed or a flooded yard, and they can be a cause of concern for homeowners, especially if they have a large amount of exposed grass in one area.

They can also be a sign of a damaged water pipe beneath the surface, such as a broken water main. They’re usually more common on sports fields and golf courses, but they can happen on any yard with a lot of grass exposed to rainwater.

How They Form - Aside from the fact that they’re strange to see, lawn bubbles are formed when water gets trapped beneath the grass and can’t drain away. The problem is often caused by rainwater that doesn’t drain quickly enough, or if the soil in a particular spot is poorly prepared for drainage.

The best way to prevent a bubble from forming on your lawn is to make sure that the soil is properly prepared for better drainage. This can be done by adding sand or gravel to the soil, which will allow water to move easily.

Popping Lawn Bubbles – Puncture it to Release the Water

If you think you have a lawn bubble that you want to get rid of, puncture it with a sharp gardening tool to release the water that is trapped in the bubble. However, be careful to not make too many holes because this will do more damage to your lawn than good.


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