What Bird Can Carry the Most Weight?

February 14, 2024

Birds are known for their amazing strength, especially when it comes to birds of prey such as eagles and falcons. They have large wings and powerful talons that allow them to carry surprisingly heavy objects compared to their size.

The strongest bird that can carry the most weight is a harpy eagle, which can lift sloths and monkeys weighing over 30 pounds. Harpy eagles are one of the top predators in the Neotropical forests and can be found throughout Central and South America.

Similarly, the Andean condor can lift animals up to 20 pounds, which is nearly double its body weight! These impressive scavengers have developed incredible strength to transport their food from the dead to where they can eat it without competition from other carrion-eating birds.

Another bird with incredible strength is the great horned owl, which can grab and hold small dogs that weigh up to 7 pounds. These impressive birds of prey are capable of snatching up a Chihuahua or Yorkshire terrier from the air with their talons.

Despite their impressive strength, it is important to remember that these animals are wild and should not be handled or approached. In addition, many of these strong birds face threats and need conservation efforts to remain in the wild.


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