What Are Lions Scared Of?

February 14, 2024

Lions are not afraid of many things in the wild. They are not scared of other lions, other predators, or even hyenas. They do, however, fear humans, and this fear has a very real and negative effect on their ability to survive. They are much less likely to kill prey and will abandon waterholes 40% faster in response to human stimuli like gunshots, barking dogs and other sounds associated with hunting.

They are also fearful of a number of other animals that could potentially cause them harm. While they do not typically fear a single hyena, a pack can intimidate and chase them away, as can herds of large herbivores such as buffalo and elephants. A lion that attempts to hunt a buffalo will likely be crushed, gored or trampled to death by its massive horns and powerful legs.

The loss of their natural habitat is another major source of stress and fear for lions. As they are forced into smaller spaces they will have to travel farther to find food, which puts them at increased risk of being attacked by other predators. They will also be exposed to more noises and other stimuli from humans, such as vehicles, horns, and lights, which can make them feel unsafe.

Finally, a lion can become very fearful if they are sick or injured. Diseases such as canine distemper virus, feline immunodeficiency virus and tuberculosis can weaken them and make them more vulnerable to threats and less able to hunt.


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