What Are Hippos Afraid Of?

February 15, 2024

Hippos are the biggest animals in Africa and they don’t like people. They are known to attack boats and even people when they get too close. In the past, one such attack ended badly for Ugandan tourist Darren Templer who survived a hippo attack in the Zambezi River but lost both his legs and an arm. The attack was recorded by a local cameraman and subsequently went viral. This caused many people to wonder what are hippos afraid of. While hippopotami are herbivores, they have been known to eat meat in times of scarcity and will prey on other animals including Nile crocodiles, lions, spotted hyenas, and elephants.

They are also known to aggressively chase any herd of animals that approaches their territory or food sources such as cattle on land and people in boats on the water. They will charge anything they perceive as a threat even if it is another hippopotami. Their incredibly strong jaws can open up to 150 degrees and their teeth are long and sharp, able to cut a person in half with just one bite.

In the wild, hippos are rarely attacked by other predators. However, if they encounter one they will be awed by its immense size and may be frightened into retreating. They have a thick hide that is hard to penetrate and their skin emits a scent that deters many predators. They are also a very good swimmer and can hold their breath underwater for up to 30 minutes.


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