What Are Beaver Babies Called?

February 15, 2024

Beavers are one of nature’s engineers, using their phenomenal chewing powers to change their environment by building lodges and dams. They are also highly social, living in family units that may consist of mated pairs and offspring for years until they move on to start their own colonies. Baby beavers, called kits, are born with their eyes wide open and their incisor teeth erupted. They are able to swim the day they’re born and can begin working as part of their families’ construction endeavors right away, often tagging along behind their parents or older siblings.

Beaver kits are able to communicate with their mothers and other family members in several ways, ranging from high-pitched squeals when hungry or chilly to adorable soft mews and chirps when content. They can also use their flat tails to slap the water, a behavior that’s used to warn other family members of danger.

Kits depend on their mother’s milk for the first week of their lives before adding solid food to their diet. They spend most of their time nestled safely in their lodges, relying on their mother’s and their older siblings’ expertise in tree-felling and roof repairs to help them survive as they venture out into the pond for the first time.

The zoo’s new beaver kit is currently spending her days napping and resting with her mom Walnut, who’s been busy at the zoo in her roles as star of the Wild Wonders Outdoor Theater live animal show and frequent guest during Close Encounters. Keepers are giving the beaver kit supervised swimming sessions each day in a small pool she calls her own and are weighing her daily to monitor her growth and health.


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