What Animal is the Most Sexually Active?

February 15, 2024

Many animals like sex, and not just for reproduction. It has been shown that dolphins enjoy oral sex and even use their penis to pleasure themselves. Bonobos (similar to chimpanzees) also show similar behaviors to humans, and are known to engage in same-sex and opposite-sex encounters. They have also been seen using sex as a form of greeting, to make up after a fight or even as a thank you for sharing food.

In fact, they mate more than necessary to produce offspring – up to 100 times per day over the course of a week, with multiple partners. This may be because they enjoy sex as much as we do, and it is believed that it helps with their stress levels. It is also believed that it increases their heart strength and endurance, much like jogging does for us.

Other animals that are likely to enjoy sex include leopards, lions, tigers and elephant seals. They are known to perform sexual rituals such as rubbing against one another, licking their lips and wrapping their trunks around each other. The males of giraffes also seem to enjoy foreplay, often rubbing their anus against their bodies and necks. It is thought that this helps to prepare the body for penetration, which they do up to 30 times over the course of three days. The females of lions will also flirt shamelessly and even lick the male’s head and neck as they engage in foreplay.


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