What Airport For Atlantis Bahamas Vacations?

June 1, 2023

When you're ready to plan your trip to the Bahamas, consider flying into Nassau International Airport. This airport is one of the few in the world to offer TSA PreCheck, a program that lets you skip lines and save time by bypassing regular security and allowing you to keep your shoes on and your electronics in your bag. Some Atlantis Resort package deals include complimentary private transfers to and from the airport.

Choosing the right hotel is another way to reduce your costs. Atlantis has five hotels, with rates ranging from budget-friendly to luxurious. In general, smaller rooms cost less than larger and multi-bedroom options, while rooms with sweeping ocean-view balconies are more expensive than those with interior views. In addition, you can save money by booking a weekday stay rather than a weekend.

Dining at Atlantis can also be expensive, especially when you factor in the 15% gratuity and 12% VAT tax. If you want to eat at the most popular restaurants, reservations are recommended. However, it's still possible to find great food on a budget by eating at the lesser-known restaurants.

As you can see, a family of four could easily spend $300 to $500 per day at Atlantis on food alone. But a little research and financial discipline can make a trip to the Bahamas affordable for almost anyone. If you're not sure where to start, contact a premier travel agency like The Vacationeer and let them help you plan your Atlantis Bahamas getaway.


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