Waterfalls in Maine

March 10, 2023

waterfalls in Maine

Waterfalls in Maine are one of the state’s best natural attractions. Many are accessible by hiking trails, while others can be visited as roadside stops with picnic areas and swimming holes.

Moxie Falls in west central Maine is a spectacular 90-foot drop between the walls of a rock gorge. It is tied with Angel Falls for the title of longest single drop waterfall in Maine.

Angel Falls

Angel Falls is a stunning 90-foot waterfall that tumbles from a rock gorge fed by Mountain Brook in western Maine. It is tied with Moxie Falls as Maine’s highest single drop, and it is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the state.

The name Angel Falls is derived from the shape of the water flow, which resembles an angel’s wings. Located near Byron, the falls is fed by Mountain Brook and tumbles down a rocky cliff for 90 feet before flowing into a pool below.

Surrounded by cliffs of up to 115 feet, the waterfall is spectacularly scenic. It also distinguishes itself from other waterfalls in the region by having a 25-foot gap positioned on the top of the cliff wall.

The waterfall is easily accessible via a logging road off Bemis Road in Township D. The trail follows a brook upstream, crossing it several times (rock hops) before reaching the falls.

Moxie Falls

Moxie Falls is one of Maine’s most iconic waterfalls. It boasts a single vertical drop of almost 90 feet into a 17-foot pool below.

Moxie Falls also makes for a great hiking destination. There is a good-sized parking area and an easy trail to reach the falls.

After crossing a woods road, the trail becomes more steep but is still not too difficult to hike. Eventually, you will encounter a series of wooden stairs and boardwalks that provide access over the rugged terrain surrounding the falls.

The falls are surrounded by several wooden observation platforms, which offer a range of different angles and views. They are a popular attraction among whitewater rafters and kayakers.

Moxie Falls is located approximately 26 miles southwest of Moosehead Lake in West Forks, Maine. It is also easily accessible by car and can be reached in under an hour. It is a great place to explore, swim, picnic, and relax.

Grand Falls

When it comes to waterfalls, Maine has a lot to offer. The state is full of mighty mountains, lush forests, and lovely lakes that make it a great place to explore.

Located in the Gulf Hagas Gorge, this waterfall is a must-visit destination for nature lovers. The stunning gorge formations and waterfalls will definitely leave you speechless!

The hike to Grand Falls is quite a bit challenging, but it's worth it. It's a good idea to pack plenty of water, food, flashlight, and rain gear.

The Upper Falls are 20 feet tall and cascade down, while the Lower Falls are 25 feet high and plunge more dramatically. They are both extremely picturesque and unique, as they feature a series of rock arrangements that add to their aesthetic appeal. They're also very secluded, making them ideal for hiking and exploring the area.

Pemaquid Falls

A popular destination for day hikers, Pemaquid Falls is a beautiful and awe-inspiring waterfall located in a scenic natural land conservation. The water cascades over a steep granite ledge that sits at the base of a lighthouse tower.

The Downeast coast of Maine is characterized by cold, nutrient-rich waters that create a unique ecosystem and support a wide range of bird species. From the rocky capes of Land’s End, Cape Newagen and Ocean Point to the mudflats of Biddeford Pool, Maine’s seashore offers breeding habitat for many of its native shorebirds.

For birders, the state’s rocky finger-like peninsulas, such as Pemaquid Point in Mid Coast Maine, offer a rare opportunity to watch seabirds from land. From Pemaquid Point, you can see birds such as Glossy Ibis, Little Blue, Tri-colored, Green and Black-crowned Night Herons, Snowy Egrets, Piping Plovers and more. In addition to birding, the region also boasts a rich fishing heritage. Several coastal towns and inns are situated around the peninsula.


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