Top 5 Waterfalls in South Dakota

March 10, 2023

waterfalls in South Dakota

If you love waterfalls, South Dakota is a great place to visit. There are plenty to choose from, whether you’re looking for a quick stop on your way to Yellowstone or an epic hike through Spearfish Canyon!

If you’re looking for a more challenging hike, Grizzly Bear Falls in the Black Hills National Forest is worth a visit. It’s a short, scenic hike with an awesome payoff.

Cascade Falls

Cascade Falls is a favorite swimming hole located near Hot Springs, South Dakota. It’s a natural pool fed by a series of six artesian springs that bring pleasantly warm water to Cascade Creek.

The water stays at a crisp 67 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes it an ideal spot for cooling off in the summer. There are also plenty of shallow areas for kids to enjoy.

This waterfall in Spearfish Canyon is easy to access, with a car park and observation deck next to it for easier viewing. The best time to see it is in spring when the water flow increases due to melting snow.

Town fathers hoped the combination of a mineral spa and a railroad would make Cascade Springs one of the top health and pleasure resorts in the country. It had about 400 people and 50 businesses by 1892, according to an essay in the files of the South Dakota Historical Society.

Devil’s Gulch

Located in the Black Hills National Forest, Devil’s Gulch is another unique waterfall that’s perfect for hiking. The water rushes over a number of rock shelves and creates a beautiful curtain of gushing water.

The gulch is also a great place to have a picnic and enjoy the surrounding natural landscape. The area is a mix of tall trees and wildflowers, making it the perfect place to relax and appreciate the beauty of nature.

When traveling through South Dakota, you should be sure to check out some of the many beautiful waterfalls in the area! The city of Sioux Falls is home to one of the most famous falls in the state, and it’s a popular spot for both locals and visitors.

When you visit Garretson, South Dakota, be sure to stop by Devil’s Gulch Park for a little history and a beautiful waterfall. There are hiking trails and cool bridges over Split Rock Creek that make for a fun day out.

Hippie Hole

If you’re looking for a secluded waterfall to visit in South Dakota, then Hippie Hole may be the place for you. The Black Hills National Forest is home to this incredibly picturesque waterfall, which looks like a swimming pool crafted by nature out of rocks.

This waterfall is a popular destination for hikers and nature lovers. It’s located in the Black Hills National Forest and is a great spot to go for a hike or relax in the shade of tall trees.

There are two hiking options to reach Hippie Hole; one is an easy walk from a parking lot to the top of the falls and the other is a real challenge that requires a steady pace and plenty of water. The trail is also lined with poison ivy, so be sure to watch your steps and wear clothes that cover your skin if you are allergic.

If you’re visiting South Dakota in the summer, then this is one place you should add to your list of things to do. It’s a great way to spend a day in the sun and get some exercise at the same time!

Spearfish Falls

The ancient 1000-foot cliffs of Spearfish Canyon are a natural conduit for rainfall and snowmelt; gravity encourages runoff to spill down the walls, creating many waterfalls. Some are seasonal in nature, while others flow freely all year.

Spearfish Falls, located on Little Spearfish Creek, plunges 47 feet into the canyon. The resulting cascade is one of the most popular attractions in the Black Hills.

During the fall, the yellow aspen and birch leaves provide an explosion of color throughout the pine-filled canyon. It’s also home to a variety of wildlife including mountain goats and squirrels.

A short hike from the parking lot behind the Latchstring Restaurant leads to a 47-foot waterfall. It’s a moderate trail with benches along the way and is only about 1.5 miles round-trip.


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