Top 5 Waterfalls in Iowa

March 10, 2023

waterfalls in Iowa

Iowa is full of natural wonders, but one of the best parts about it is that we're lucky enough to have many waterfalls.

If you're looking for a way to introduce your students to the world of water, take them on a road trip to some of these beautiful falls. They'll be rewarded with a day of fun, fresh air and a good dose of nature.

Cedar Falls

Cedar Falls is an unassuming city with a lot to offer tourists who are planning a trip to Iowa. It is home to the University of Northern Iowa and has a large network of trails, giving visitors the opportunity to explore the area on foot or bicycle.

The city is also famous for its floods, which have been a common occurrence. However, the city has worked to implement a hazard mitigation plan.

The downtown area is packed with quaint stores, restaurants and historical buildings that make it a great place to enjoy an adventure. You can also visit the city’s many museums and art galleries. In addition, there are plenty of fun activities for the whole family.

Plum Bluff

Plum Bluff is the home of the world's first and oldest waterfall, located on the banks of the Iowa River. This natural attraction is a popular destination amongst local residents and visitors alike.

The bluff is also the location of seven conical mounds that date back to the Hopewell culture, a Middle Woodland period people who were known for their artifacts and elaborate horticulture. These include the Fourche Maline and Evans phase sites as well as sites of the Gober complex and Plum Bayou cultures.

The bluff is home to a handful of other notable attractions including a historic mill and a museum that showcases a large collection of Native American artifacts. This bluff is also a great spot to catch the sun setting over the Missouri River and the surrounding countryside. There's something about this bluff that just screams serenity and peace of mind. It's an ideal place to escape the daily grind and enjoy nature at its finest.

Dunnings Spring Park

The 200-foot waterfall at Dunnings Spring Park is one of Iowa's hidden gems. Located within the city limits of Decorah, this gorgeous natural park features lush trees and mountains, benches, and picnic areas.

In addition to the gorgeous waterfall, there are plenty of hiking trails. This is the perfect place to spend some quality time with family and friends.

Take a stroll down the path and explore the scenic overlook and bridge crafted by local stone mason Ted Wilson.

Whether you're visiting the area to go fishing on Trout Run or for a quick stop by the Decorah Ice Cave, this Iowa park is worth checking out.

It's best to visit during the fall season when the temperature is optimum for enjoying all that Iowa has to offer. The cool weather will help you avoid getting too hot and sticky on the trails and the fewer crowds will allow you to enjoy the scenery without the hassle of fighting for space.

Briggs Woods Park

Briggs Woods Park is a popular destination for families who love to hike, swim, camp, fish and picnic. The 500-acre park has a golf course, 81 modern campsites and seven modern cabins.

The park is also home to an original red barn from the Briggs family that settled in the area in 1862. The building served as the family's farmstead, according to Hamilton County Conservation Board Executive Director Brian Lammers.

As a part of its centennial celebration, the Hamilton County Conservation Board created a museum inside the red barn. It had a timeline displaying major events in the park's history and included aerial photographs to visually show its evolution.

In addition to the beautiful waterfalls, Briggs Woods Park also has an excellent conference center that hosts wedding ceremonies and receptions. It has a banquet hall with a capacity of 400 and plenty of outdoor space for the ceremony and reception.


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