Three of the Most Impressive Waterfalls in Nebraska

March 10, 2023

waterfalls in Nebraska

Despite its flat terrain, Nebraska is home to some impressive waterfalls that can be enjoyed from various viewpoints. If you’re planning a weekend getaway, be sure to include these falls in your itinerary.

Smith Falls, located in Valentine, is the highest waterfall in the state. It’s also a popular spot for campers, canoers, kayakers and tubers.

Smith Falls

Smith Falls is one of the most impressive waterfalls in Nebraska. It's located east of Valentine and is a great destination for a day trip or a weekend getaway.

The state park also offers many hiking trails, a large campground and fishing areas. It's also home to several biological species that are unique to the area, including the Smith Aspen and paper bark birch.

Visitors can hike up the hill to Smith Falls and view the waterfall up close or enjoy a leisurely walk across a historic truss bridge that spans the Niobrara River. A boardwalk makes the trek easy and wheelchair-friendly.

In addition to the beautiful water fall, this secluded park is home to six distinct biological systems that are unique to the area. These include aspen, spruce and paper bark birch trees that are adapted to the cold, wet environment of the canyon.

This secluded campground is a great destination for a family vacation or a romantic weekend getaway. The camping facilities are clean, there is a swimming pool, and the views of the surrounding area are amazing.

Whether you're planning a Nebraska family vacation or a romantic getaway, make sure to check out the campgrounds near Smith Falls and book your stay today! You'll have a blast exploring this secluded retreat and relaxing by the water.

If you're looking for something different to do on your vacation, consider a tubing or kayaking trip down the Niobrara River. This adventure is a great way to take in all of the scenic sights that Nebraska has to offer.

The Niobrara River is a popular spot for canoers, kayakers and tubers to visit, and Smith Falls State Park is a common landing location for those who wish to explore the river. This 250 acre property is managed by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission and is accessible to the public. In addition to the waterfall, there are a few hiking trails, a large campground and a historic truss bridge that crosses the Niobrara River.

Horseshoe Falls

Located in the Fort Niobrara National Wildlife Refuge, Horseshoe Falls is a 45-foot waterfall that cascades along the Niobrara River. Its scenic beauty and abundance of wildlife makes it a must-see for visitors.

This waterfall is not as popular as some of the others in the area but it's still a great spot to go and enjoy a day out on the water, hiking trails or camping. It's also a great location for fishing!

It takes a little bit of trekking to get to this waterfall but it is well worth it when you are able to see it. It is also located on private land so please respect it as much as you can.

Once you reach the area you can take your time and float or kayak down to the falls which will allow you to see all the beautiful rock formations that this area has to offer. There is also a nice swimming hole that you can swim in.

When visiting this waterfall be sure to wear sturdy hiking shoes, waterproof clothing and bring enough water! It is a moderately difficult hike to get there so it's best to do this on a weekend so that you can fully enjoy the experience.

The water flows over the Horseshoe Falls at a rate of 681,750 gallons per second. This is more than double the amount of water that goes over the American Falls!

If you plan to visit this waterfall be sure to check the weather before going as it can be very cold at times. It's also a good idea to wear a poncho so that you can protect yourself from the cold.

It's worth a visit no matter what the weather is like. It will take your breath away when you finally arrive at the top and look down upon one of the most iconic sights in the world!


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