The Highest Point in Washington

March 10, 2023

highest point in Washington

Mount Rainier, the highest point in Washington, is a stunning sight. But the state is full of other incredible peaks that are just as beautiful and worth exploring.

One of the most stunning mountains in Washington, and perhaps the world, is Mount Shuksan. This mountain has been on numerous lists of the greatest mountains and is one that's often photographed.

This mountain has a staggering 14 different routes to the summit so it's best suited for advanced climbers. It's also very steep and requires great physical fitness to attempt it.

The highest mountain in the Cascade Range, Mount Baker is another challenging climb that should be attempted by experienced hikers and rock climbers. To reach the summit, hikers will be hiking over 10 miles with near vertical ascent for a large portion of that.

Its steepness and elevation make it a difficult climb for those who aren't familiar with glacial rope safety knowledge and climbing skills. You will also need to be able to take heavy packs for the last part of the trail up to the summit.

Aside from the challenges, Mount Baker has an incredibly gorgeous view at the top of the mountain. If you're planning a trip to the peak, be sure to pack plenty of water and food as well as sunscreen.

As tectonic activity along the Pacific coast continues, material is being accreted onto the North American plate, pushing the rocks of the Olympics even higher into grand snow-capped peaks like Mount Olympus. The Blue Glacier that sits at the summit of Mount Olympus has retreated almost 3 miles since 1800. It's a dramatic change that has helped drive the dome of uplift that pushed it to its current height.


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