The Highest Point in Vermont

March 10, 2023

highest point in Vermont

The highest point in Vermont sits at 4,393 feet above sea level and lies within the Green Mountains, which straddle the state's western border with Massachusetts and New Hampshire. This mountain range is a major tourist attraction and offers stunning panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

Among the many highlights of this mountain range is Mount Mansfield, which is considered one of the most beautiful peaks in the state. It offers sweeping views and is one of only two places in the state where arctic tundra plant life grows.

Hikers can take to the trails around the summit to enjoy a challenging and rewarding day of hiking in the woods while also soaking in the gorgeous mountain scenery. Whether they choose to hike on the Long Trail or the Hell Brook Trail, this route will provide a unique experience in which to see a part of Vermont's natural beauty that is often overlooked by other visitors.

Stowe is a charming ski town that's nestled at the base of Vermont's highest peak. This quaint town is also the home of the internationally acclaimed Stowe Mountain Resort.

The mountains and ski slopes in Stowe are a big draw for visitors in the summer, but in winter, they're an important part of Vermont's skiing culture. The ski areas of Stowe, Spruce Peak, and Mount Mansfield are a popular destination for both locals and tourists alike.

Hikers can take to the trails around the peak to enjoy a challenging and rewarding day of exploring the mountain's scenic ridge line while also soaking in the gorgeous mountain scenery. You'll likely notice that along the ridgeline, there are a series of spots that resemble the shape of a man's nose, chin, Adam's apple, and forehead. It's these points that give Mount Mansfield its name.


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