The Highest Point in South Dakota

March 10, 2023

highest point in South Dakota

The highest point in South Dakota is Black Elk Peak, located in the Black Hills Wilderness Area in Custer State Park. It rises to 7,242 feet, making it the highest elevation east of the Rocky Mountains and one of the tallest spots in the Midwest.

The Black Hills are isolated eroded mountain ranges in western South Dakota and northeastern Wyoming. They lie between the Cheyenne and Belle Fourche rivers, rising 3,000 feet (900 metres) above the surrounding plains.

They are a prominent landmark in South Dakota and the location of Mount Rushmore, a popular tourist attraction. Various Native American tribes have been residing in the region for centuries and many believe it is where their ancestors emerged from the Earth.

During the summer, the temperatures in South Dakota are typically extremely hot and dry. But despite these extremes, the Black Hills are considered to be among the most beautiful and pristine regions in the country, with rugged and untouched terrain that is surrounded by gorgeous landscapes.

Hiking is an excellent way to explore the majesty of the Black Hills and their breathtaking sights. Fortunately, South Dakota is home to several excellent trails for visitors of all levels and abilities to enjoy, including the iconic Black Elk Peak hike in Custer State Park.

What to Expect on the Trail

The hiking trails on Black Elk Peak offer breathtaking views of the Black Hills wilderness and spires that pierce the horizon. You’ll also be rewarded with the peace and solitude of the mountains as you make your way to the top.


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