The Highest Point in Oregon

March 10, 2023

highest point in Oregon

The highest point in Oregon sits at 11,239 feet above sea level. It’s a stratovolcano and one of the most popular destinations for climbers. It is also considered the state’s most likely volcano to erupt.

Oregon is a state of many regions, with varying elevations and terrain. The northern part of the state is largely defined by the Cascade Mountains, and the southern part by the coast. The entire state borders Washington, Idaho, California, and Nevada, making it a jigsaw puzzle of shapes and elevations.

Most of the state’s top points are in the Cascade Range, including Mount Hood. The Cascades are on the Pacific Ocean Ring of Fire, which is a path of frequent earthquakes and active volcanoes that run from North America to Asia.

Mount Hood is Oregon’s most popular destination for climbers and a great place to see the natural beauty of the region. The hike to the summit requires skill and experience, but it’s still a fun challenge for even the most casual hikers.

Another top peak in Oregon is Odell Butte, a conical mountain in South Bend. The summit features a live-in cabin with a 30-foot treated wood tower that offers stunning views of the area.

Several trails climb to the summit, with some connecting directly to the Pacific Crest Trail. The most common approach is a day hike, but overnight trips are an option.

Other peaks in Oregon are less popular, but they’re worth the effort. For example, West Pueblo Ridge is in the Pueblo Mountains and is the second highest peak at 8,420 feet. The trail to the summit is a difficult one that involves rough travel, crossing streams and private ranchland. Climbers should watch for rattlesnakes, and be prepared to cross avalanche paths.


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