The Highest Point in Ohio

March 10, 2023

highest point in Ohio

The highest point in Ohio may not be an impressive cliff or mountain peak, but it is an important landmark for visitors. Located on the grounds of a vocational-technical school, Campbell Hill is a state high point that offers a beautiful view of Ohio and its surrounding areas.

The topography of Ohio is a flat area that straddles the border between the Northeastern and Midwestern regions of the country. The state is also home to many natural areas, which have been designated as National Parks and preserves.

High points in the United States range from Denali, which is the tallest mountain in Alaska at 20,310 feet to Britton Hill in Florida with a rise of just 345 feet. Discover the highest points in every state by learning about each of their locations and why they are important to the local community.

In Ohio, the highest point is Campbell Hill at 1549 feet above sea level. It is on the grounds of a vocational-technical high school, called the Hi-Point Career Center.

This is an important location because it served as a place where the American government could send out an early-warning radar system. This was a critical step during the Cold War when there were fears that Soviets would attack the U.S.

There is a cabin foundation on the northern end of Gildersleeve Mountain that was once connected to a chimney. However, the foundation is no longer intact and trees have encroached on it.


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