The Highest Point in Connecticut

March 10, 2023

highest point in Connecticut

The Highest Point in Connecticut

Unlike other states that claim high points, Connecticut doesn't have any road leading to its top. But the state does boast a few unique hiking trails that climb to our tallest summits.

First - The Sleeping Giant

Tucked into the northwest corner of the state, the Sleeping Giant Park is named for its resemblance to a reclining giant embedded in the hills above Hamden. The trail winds through a forest of trees, wildflowers and seasonal wildlife.

Second - Mount Frissell

The summit of Frissell, which is part of the Taconic Mountains in Massachusetts, is the highest peak in Connecticut at 2,379 feet. It's a popular destination for serious hikers, "high point" enthusiasts and state boundary fanatics alike.

Third - Jerimoth Hill

There's an old tri-state marker at the CT-New York-Massachusetts triple point that marks where all three states meet, but its engraved with NY and MA. It's a bit of a quirky place, though, and you can't see it from the trail unless you take the time to find it on your own.

Fourth - Bear Mountain

There's a stone monument on the summit of Bear Mountain claiming it's the highest point in Connecticut, but that's not true. It's on the southern slope of Mount Frissell, which is actually Connecticut's highest mountain.


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